The Museum of Religious Art (MFRK) opened in 1994 and celebrates its 25th anniversary with the exhibition Do you remember? The museum was the result of a local initiative inspired by the artist Bodil Kaalund’s (1930-2016) church decorations of Lemvig Kirke (the church of Lemvig).


The exhibition follows two leads. The first lead, shown in the “Kirk” gallery, is a retrospective exhibition-historical journey, where we have invited chosen works from previous exhibitions to revisit the museum. The loans include among others Den syge pige by Edvard Munch and Skyen og bakken by Her Majesty the Queen. Some of the most visited exhibitions in the history of the museum was Marc Chagall’s biblical pictures, (1999), Edvard Munch, Smertens blomst  (2005), Naturen og Tanken, (2009), Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II (2009) and Thomas Kluge – Gud, konge og Fædreland (2015).


The second lead is a presentation of our own collection grouped in themes. This presentation is exhibited in the remaining galleries of the museum. The variety is due to the museums broad interpretation of the subject of religious art. The exhibition can be seen to answer the often asked question; what is religious art? The exhibiting artists represent various artistic manners with their own view upon religion. From Bodil Kaalund to Alexander Tovborg, John Kørner, Georges Rouault and many others.


The themes of the exhibition are driven forward by a wish to place the works in a dialogue with each other transversely to artist, aesthetically expression and religious conviction. With completely basic existentially themes like love, life, death, belief and doubt etc. we hope that the exhibition, will be a space of reflection.



Alexander Tovborg, Triptykon (Blue #1), 2011. Privately owned. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Nicolai Wallner. Photo: Anders Sune Berg



Future exhibitions

Jens Haaning - From where we stand
6th October 2019 - 23rd February 2020

Previous exhibitions

Thomas Kluge - God, King and Country
6th of september to 13th of december 2015

Ellen Hofman-Bang
7th February - 5th of June 2016

Sigurd Swane - Painting
12th June 2016 - 28th August 2016

Kunsten i Lyset - Glaskunst fra Per Steen Hebsgaards værksted
4th September - 30th December 2016

Barbara Kruger - Gluttony
5 February - 28 May 2017

Peter Brandes - A golden altar for the church of Nørre Nissum
5 February - 21 May 2017

Jeppe Hein - To sense the world inside yourself
4th June - 17th September 2017

Image storm - Otherness from the Reformation until today
1 October - 30 December 2017

Bodil Kaalund 1930 - 2016
9th November - 29th April 2018

THESES Danish contemporary artists in dialogue with the reformation
21st January - 29th April 2018

Becoming Animal
13th May - 12th Aug. 2018

Anita Houvenaeghel - Responses
26th August - 9th December 2018

Johannes Larsen - Birds of Passage in Art and Poetry
26th August - 9th December 2018