On one of the most beautiful sites inLemvig next to “Limfjorden” an old summer restaurant was situated. It burnt to the ground and by help of local and regional authorities and private foundations the first part of the Museum of Religious Art was built in 1994. Already in 1998 an extension was built, in order to make room for special exhibitions. Behind the museum densely grown hills protect against the westerly wind, and in front of the museum the inlet towards Lemvig harbour is seen.


From the café of the museum you can enjoy the beautiful view known to most of the Danish population because of the poet Thøger Larsen’s songs and because of the famous cartoons of Henning Gantriis “Lives gang i Lidenlund”. Cake and coffee are served in the café by the many voluntaries of the museum.





The reason why a Museum for Religious Art is situated in Lemvig with special focus on religious art was a result of the large decoration of Lemvig Kirke made by the artist Bodil Kaalund from 1976 – 1981. The cooperation of the artist with the local population lead to many conversations about art and its role and relation to church and religion. The great existential questions about life and death as well as the meaning of life absorb a lot of people.


The new generation seeks knowledge about our cultural roots. At the same time globalisation has opened the world for everybody, and it has been more necessary than ever to understand other cultures different from your own. Many times the art has described what has been going on. For this reason it is important to show the art. The museum in Lemvig has an obligation to show how the religious dimension is expressed in the art, not the least in contemporary art. In this way the conversations and the debate, started in connection with the decorating of the church, continue.





The Museum of Religious Art expresses its thanks to the sponsors of the museum:


Vestjysk Bank


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Warm thanks to private foundations


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A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal


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